Vegan Benefits

What are Vegan Cosmetics?

Vegan cosmetic is a line of makeup products that do not contain any animal ingredients such as honey, beeswax, collagen, gelatin and many others. Usually the term vegan also means that the product is free from animal-testing. 

What are Halal Cosmetics?

Halah in arabic means permissible based on Islamic law. Many items such as alcohol, pork, dead animals are often forbidden for consumption or use. As more women opt for vegan choices, it's not the same as halah makeup. For example, although vegan products may not contain animal products, it can contain alcohol. That is why our makeup products are both vegan and halah.

Benefits of Vegan Cosmetics

Often times, the benefits of using vegan and halal products mean that you are spreading awareness for the cruelty of animal mistreatments in labs and thus promoting a better way to produce makeup products. Furthermore, switching to vegan products mean that you won't have dead animal-by products like uric acid, dead insect extracts from touching your skin. That is why, for many people who use makeup and have delicate skin, vegan makeup is better suited for people with sensitive skin and are considered better since they don't have harsh ingredients in them. What you get is cosmetics that promote more beautiful skin.